FEATURES of Networked Computers
Local and Internet Work from home, establish small to large business, use any or all of the features below


Play networked multi-player games over your local network with a few friends you know and invite to your place.

Internet Play networked multi-player games over the internet with your few friends and many others around the world, regardless of location.
Local Share Expensive laser printers or color deskjet  printers for all in the business and family
Internet Share commercial print services online thus you can print from anywhere in the world and not buy overly exspensive printer at home or business.  Printers include dye sub magazine like output or color laser printers or large quantity high speed printers
Local Share very large, expensive, fast hard drives on your larger, faster fixed Computers
Internet Share data storage at commercial data storage sites or Web Sites online.
Internet Share the creation, design, use, etc of your web site, emails  etc.
Internet Share multimedia such as radio, music and video for everyone
Local Share any and all data on storage devices on any computer.
Local Share the Control and operation of any and all computers on network.  A great learning tool. Public domain programs are available.  Work on more than one task at a time using more than one computer.
Local Share CDROM, CD-RW, DVD and dvd movies, ZIP, JAZ, Tape or any other backup devices.
Local Share all files between your laptop or pda with all your fixed computers.
Local Share printers, backup devices, servers and large storage devices that have dedicated or direct connections to network.
Internet Share your hard drives data spaces for others online or restrict for your self, access your to computers operation or data from remote.  (VPN and remote access and remote control)
Internet Use Voice over IP phone connections for free or cheap long or local distance voice phone access (Vonage Net2Phone etc) Computer to Computer or Computer to Phone etc) Computer to Computer or Computer to Phone.  Save money on long distance and local phone service.
Internet Use commercial FAX and  voice mail services

Share Fax through one computer connected to one phone line via modem or multifunction device