What is it:
Local Area Network: The local area arrangement for connecting your computers inside the home or business.
There are generally five commonly used paths:
highest speed, high cost.
most features, can use dedicated and nondedicated or embedded devices
phone line
already exiting and lower cost wire
less speed and features and less distance, noise
high cost except for wire
features are harder and call for mixed system slower, distance might be greater for a mixed system
Serial cable between two computers
cable is expensive, distance is less
Features very limited
Sneaker net exchange floppies
distance = data loss and viruses

Wiring and Cable needs:  Ethernet each computer is wired to hub or router combo hub at central location, cable is most expensive and specialized as to speed.  Phone line generally the same routing as ethernet but not as critical as type or cost.
What we do:
We install all the proper wiring necessary to connect all your computers including fishing through walls, jacks and cables between etc.
Each computer needs a Network Card (NIC). Ethernet or Phone line card or Wireless card in order to connect to the network via the wire or RF.  Alternately a USB to Ethernet or Phone line network or Wireless net converter is available
What we do:
Each computer has to be opened up to install the network card.  Then each computer must have drivers installed for the network card wh  Then each computer must have drivers installed for the network card which usually requires your Operating System disks.  Then each computer can be tested to be sure the installed card is working.
Hub needs:  all network systems need a hub, Can be combined in your firewall router. number of ports equals the number of computers except for wireless.  Cost is dictated by the number of ports and speed type requirements.  Cost of wireless is always high.
What we do:
The cables are collected together and plugged into the hub in a small system or patch panel and patch cables are used to organize the cables from all locations and computers so that each can plug into a separate port on the hub.  All connections from the ports on the hubs leading out to all the locations and computers through the patch panel (organizer) and all the jacks are tested electrically for network type signals.
At this point your local network is constructed physically.
Each one of your computers MUST be setup and configured through software for low level and even some high level features you might want Locally.  At this point check out the
LAN features page
Also see our broadband high speed Internet sharing page