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A LAN is a connection of a computer to another computer or printer or other device in that is in your house, home office or small office etc.  Generally these computers and devices are well known to you and work together or share resources amongst themselves.

To see why you would want a LAN of your computers check out the LAN features page.

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LAN (local area network)Repair or maintain your existing network

A day does not go by anywhere in the world in which businesses and home offices do not suffer some failure of thier network, caused by the simplest routine of moving a desk therefore, pulling the network cable from the computer or wall to the worst situation of a building blowing up. There is not a day that goes by that an email system does not receive a new virus, such as the "Code Red" that did so much damage.

This is why repair and maintainance is or can be a hardware and software issue at the same time. When the simplest or the worst senarios occur like above the repair may be reconnection of all the same and new devices and computers on the network as well as backup and restore of data and network settings. When the viruses strike all software aspects have to be considered, removal, restore from backup of dato be considered, removal, restore from backup of data lost and restore of network settings and features.

Thus we at Accurate Computer will prefer to provide or at least advise total repair and maintainance solutions involving the software and hardware activities.

Upgrade Network (LAN) Features

  • We can install faster network cards (nic's)for higher data rates (10Mps to 100Mps) (100 to 1Gps) in all your connected computers and load the drivers.
  • We can upgrade your hub or hubs for higher data rates (10Mps to 100Mps) or exchange with the same or higher data rate switches. This applies to more complicated LAN's with bridges and routers. If NIC's are upgraded so should some or all hub's or switches.
  • We can expand number of computers, printer, servers etc. which requires increasing the number of hubs and switches and/or ports on each. Of course, for even more complicated and larger LANs that expand beyond any switch or hub we can add the routers or bridges especially for larger LAN's over longer physical distance.
  • We can add routers and firewalls for shared access to the internet can be hardware or software firewall and/or router software on a gateway computer-server.
  • Generally any of the LAN features can be added to your network.

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