• Accurate Computer can creation, design, layout or look and feel of your web site. This includes the collection or creation of content (text and images etc.) by you or us. The layout and design can vary from a business like theme with shopping cart, online forms etc. to fun and entertainment like a game site..
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  • Accurate Computer has extensive resources and experience in both software and hardware to provide, create or modify your content. More than just the layout or look and feel of text can be included. Graphics, sound and video can be captured and digitized. Text can be scanned and OCRed. Graphics and video can be resized, cropped, (to fit downloading or screen) edited, superimposed morphed, composited, faded , blured, animated and any other special effect applied. Text can be made as a graphic that can be animated as flying logos or other special effects. Sound can be edited in volume, tone, timing, size and any mumber of special effects added..

  • Accurate Computer has extensive resources and experience in both software and hardware to provide the programming in forms, CGI/PERL, Java, Javascript, CSS etc that makes the content on your web site interactive and automatically or remotely changing. For example, merchandise or service catalog, guest books, check out, databases, bbs message bases, chats, calendars, web mail.

  • Accurate Computer can help you with the maintainance of your web site as it grows or changes. Update and change the items for sale on a business site or change the content of play for a game site. We can show you how to make the changes yourself or we can make them for you or rely on both options.

  • Price

  • We usually discuss at length what you want to create and based on that make an estimate with 50% of the estimate due before work begins.Estimate includes hourly rate for extras you may later add or need or costs for supplies not accounted for in the estimate. You have many options for review and it is possible for you to watch the progress. Maintainance is at least discussed in the estimate and finalized more during launch.

  • Accurate Computer also can provide the web site hosting server and storage space for your site which includes support for the programming, automatic backups etc. This about $9 per month

  • Accurate Computer also can provide you the domain name registration general about $15 per year.