Secure Internet Sharing for Your networked (LAN) Computers

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Wouldn't it be nice if there were some cost-effective way to link every computer in your home to the same high-speed Internet access? Now there is: with Accurate Computer's Internet Sharing, you can connect every computer in your home, office, business, or SOHO (small office home office) through a single network firewall--router sharing device. Share your broadband speed between all your computers, at the same time link all your computers to the same printers, Zip drives, hard drives CDROM drives and other peripheral devices. Trade files among computers in your home or business.

With our flexible network configurations and solutions with field tested choice of off-the-shelf brand name router and secure, reliable firmware, we can help you choose exactly the right system, connections and devices for your needs.

Share the Speed with all

No more waiting in line to get online. No more "rock, paper, scissors" to decide who gets to use the printer. No more trudging up the stairs, floppy disk in hand, to share files (sneaker net).  Having all your computers share one single high speed, broadband connection to the internet is just one sharing element.  See our list ofSharing Features .

Save Time 10:00, Save Money $$$
Save money because you do not have to buy extra services from your broadband provider. By sharing your broadband connection with all your computers, as well as printers and other devices, you save money and get everything, all your computer work, done faster. Save money by sharing one printer or ZIP drive instead of connecting a printer or ZIP drive to each computer.

Stay Secure

Accurate Computer's Internet Sharing Networking firewall--router solution includes a premium network security solution (brand name standalone Firewall-router sharing device which has been tested against all other brands for Security, speed and reliability and includes the best known and secure firmware in existance in today's market) to keep unwanted electronic intruders far away from your private files. With Accurate Computer, setting up a home or business network couldn't be simpler. We help one to choose the right components and connect your network quickly. Protect your computers for hacker attacks or viruses eg. code red virus now and in the future

Get Support

No one gives better service and support than Accurate Computer. Once your network is up and running, we'll be there to provide award-winning support.