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Computer - Network Service Plan
For small to medium size businesses (with 3 or less computers) $45 per month per computer for all labor involving maintainance, repair, upgrade of the computer and connected local area network excluding parts with a minumum of cleaning your computers every 3 months.

Emergency Juice for Your REVO or Palm

Buy the Revo or Psion 5 5MX backup, portable, external AA battery pack which provides a full charging of Revo's internal rechargable battery on a pack of 4 AA alkaline batteries available from any store  Soon available for your Palm PDA's with built-in r

4 AA alkaline batteries available from any store  Soon available for your Palm PDA's with built-in rechargeable batteries.


A NEWLY DESIGNED AND manufactured external backup power source for your PSION REVO.  Tired of being on the road without your AC adapter.  Here is the means to power and recharge you internal REVO tteries using 4 AA (alkaline) off the shelf batteries.
Tests show that this external power source will power your REVO for as long as you expect your internal batteries to last. 
Also, this external power source using 4 AA alkaline batteries should be able to bring your internal batteries in a few hours of nonusage.
DO NOT be caught without this device even if  used for emergencies, since any complete discharge of the internal rechargable batteries will result in LOSS OF DATA!
Use of rechargable AA batteries is possible, but do not expect the same results as alkaline batteries.  Expecially with recharging since the total output voltage of 4 rechargable AA batteries is not always as high as Alkaline batteries.

The item for sale is NEW, working condition.  Guarenteed for 30 days.
Accurate Computer.
We do not ship COD.  We will ship with insurance.  Buyer will pay shipping, insurance and handling.
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