Accurate computer started in 1997 to provide Digital Audio and Video services through what was called Country Squire Video was started by Richard Roseen and Bernard Herrera. This provided the background in digital video jobs and digitization and animation for web site design.  CVS was advertising through a web site back in 1997.  Richard Roseen already had a full-time job as a Patent Examiner and already had an electronics and computer engineering degree. During Country Squire Video's operation Bernard and Richard began to obtain more computer repair jobs as well as more Web site creations.  Then Richard Roseen in 1999 obtained his A+ certification and retired as an USPTO examiner in 1999 and in 2001 became a registered Patent Agent at the USPTO.

We have TWO service shops in Fairfax-Burke area of Northern Virginia area of Metropolitan Washington D.C. one in Burke and the other in Mount Vernon (Richard Roseen). We specializing in serving small to medium size businesses, telecommuters and home-based businesses having 2 or more computers in the Northern Virginia area.

The hardware we have maintained or repaired includes Macintosh, Amiga, PC clone and Mac OS X (both power pc and Intel CPU's) computers both brand name and build from scratch. In the past the hardware worked on, maintained, repaired, modified includes, Texas Instruments computers, web servers, and minicomputers (Marinchip). Also, we have experience with pda's such as Psion, Palm, IPhone many different laptop computers both MAC and PC.
In general, our preference is to operate with a plurality of computers having both similar and different hardware and software and operating system capabilities. We like to take advantage of all the technology that is available.  This provides experience as to repair and building in both the software and hardware areas and integrating with diverse systems. This allows us to provide more software and hardware services using each hardware and software for its best application and speed. Yes, the divergent systems are networked locally and share the Internet access.

Background Qualifications
Richard Roseen BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) 15 years as U.S. Patent Examiner, 27 year member of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society, A+ certified, registered with the U.S. Patent office bar as a Patent Agent, more than 15 years of off and on work in the Electronics, Computer and Software fields and electrical wiring either full-time work or work on the side. Experience with digital video and audio and graphics design. Some experience with cable tv and cable modem and xDSL installation and a variety of local area network installs including the wiring and RF wireless.
Bernard Herrera has a variety of experience in journalism and communication at UC Berkeley, owner of a full time property management business, computer graphic print design experience, usage of a variety of computer hardware and computers and laptops and repair and usage of a variety of operating systems and software applications and a variety of local area network installs including the wiring and RF wireless.

In our pricing we prefer to give estimate written or oral, expect deposits in advanced for larger jobs. Estimates or guess estimate, ball park figures are available over the phone. In most cases we pick up and deliver or work at your site as appropriate. In some cases material for services we provide might be shipped or sent electronically even using the Internet. Our online auctions and fixed price deals include a price, ability to purchase online using PayPal or ProPay. Many services can be paid for also through PayPal or ProPay which means you have credit card or check availability.