application a program such as a word processor that runs on a computer under control of an operating system
animation graphics with motion and possibly sound
digitize capture already printed graphics or text in a computer format or bring a picture of an object into the computer
computer a devi an object into the computer
computer a device which is basically described by the arrangement of an input, processor, memory and output.  Screen, monitor, computer box, floppy disk, printer.
network an arrangement of multiple computers which can talk, and share programs and data.
LAN Local Area network, a network of computers that is limited to a few rooms or a house or a business
internet an arrangement of a multiple computers or LANs connected around the world
repair to fix or restore to normal operating condition including the diagnosis and replacement of bad parts
upgrade to add more capability to, ie. speed, size, storage etc.
OS operating system
operating system the program that always starts first in a computer which maintains and controls all other programs, tasks, applications, or devices such as floppy drive or hard drive.
maintain to prevent failures that require repair by regular preventativer hard drive.
maintain to prevent failures that require repair by regular preventative procedures such backing up data, vaccumming dust.
link a word or image which when the mouse is moved over and clicked on will cause a jump to another document.
symptom a problem which particular to something that should not occur
share two or more computers use the same input and output to the same device or network
install prepare and load software for the first time
speed throughput or bytes per second or sometimes the clock speed in hertz (cycles per second)
a program that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing a computer over an internet or intranet
a star configuratioin of a wide area network of computers
a smaller LAN configuration of computers
an area were messages between multiple users are managed using topic or subjects of the same kind
capture to bring the real world into the computer via bits and bytes see digitize
site an area of storage for pictures and text or html
web the area of the internet containing html pages having text and picture or graphics
html hper text markup language a way adding formatting to text including links in the text to other pages, graphics, animation and sounc.
w eb the area of the internet containing html pages having text and picture or graphics
medium to large business businesses with 3 or more computers
telecommuter a person who uses a computer at home usually connected to the internet to enable the person to work at home.
hosting a service that provides the web site 24 hrs. a day so that the person having a site on the internet does not have to open or burden his own computer
home based business a business that is enabled to most or all of the work at home because of the computer or the business deals with the majority of what resides on a computer.
program a set of bits and bytes or code that specifically tells the computer or central processor exactly what to do and when to do it.
programming to create the list instructions that a computer will execute see also algorithm
software-program-computer on the network that provides use for multiple computers or uses on a network of computers
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dumb teminal, console
GUI Graphics User interface
server-client a software which comes in two part one allows the individual computers to operate and the other allows the many computers to operate

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